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BYC Yoga with Leah was born out of the desire to live again. Movement fuels passion, creativity, and community and we are working to bring all of those things to our neighbors and friends! We offer tribe-building classes, events, workshops, and learning opportunities to the Cincinnati area.

With a focus on self-love, stepping out of your comfort zone, and growing as a person, we encourage you to move with us, believe in yourself, and never give up. We've helped women in the Tri-state area find themselves again, gain strength and confidence, and build a community to support them!

Classes offered include the ever-popular Buti Yoga, traditional vinyasa with a creative twist, restorative classes to balance you out and private coaching to assist in wellness, nutrition, and goal setting on and off the mat!

What is Buti Yoga?

Buti Yoga is the perfect fusion of dynamic asana, primal core movement and cardio sprints to heal you from the inside out. Meet your soulmate movement! You probably didn't think it was possible to achieve self-love through a workout, so come discover the magic of Buti®.The practice of Buti forces you to connect with yourself in the mirror and embrace your body exactly where it is RIGHT NOW. Many workouts focus on the purely physical results - we DELIVER the physical results AFTER you've changed the way you FEEL in the movement. Step on your mat and let go!

“Buti Yoga is so amazing. This class got me feeling back to myself after having kids. Leah is so great and passionate about her practice.”

Ashley Shinholster, BYC Student

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